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Cooking up joy!

This week, I'm going to have a party in the kitchen and make music for the pallette. I want to make food that uplifts and adds sparkling flavours to the English summer afternoons and twilit evenings. I'm on lunch and dinner shifts, as head cook for the volunteer team here at EarthSpirit Centre, and I'm so excited. Here is one of the meals that I have planned:

Amba Hummus and Kibbeh with Lemon-Fried Rice and Salad
Amba Sauce: made with mango and spices, swirled into hummus and serve with kibbeh: So easy to make. It's just blended chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, lemon juice and a touch of coriander, paprika and any fried/roasted vegetables that may be on hand.Kibbeh: This was my favourite food ever when I used to eat at Persepolis deli when I was living near Peckham, South London. It's kind of like a miniature vegan 'chicken Kyiv' (haha, oh memories of childhood chicken Kyiv with salad, thanks m…
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Our Relationship with Silence

Silence is a shared phenomenon; we all know something of what it is. In silence, it is possible to experience the spacious timelessness that weaves itself around sounds and vibrations, and between moments, movements and occurrences. Silence is an ever-present friend during times of stillness and transition - silence is the one who embraces us in the here and now, and walks with the solitary traveller. For some, particularly the Quakers, whose formal practice is to sit together and enter into 'silent worship', silence is a religious experience. For Buddhists also, 'noble' and 'thundering' silence is an essential quality that presents itself through the Dharma.

Most of the known universe is understood to be a silent vacuum. A deep and quiet space enfolds our Mother Earth and emerges through her life-breath; silence lingers in the breeze, which we take refuge in with each breath. Silence beholds a wordless profundity, pupil-to-pupil, between friends and lovers, and…